Wind Power Projects Underway in Norway

Wind Power picks up in Norway as the world’s most northerly wind park on the island of Måsøy in Finnmark is now up and running. The project will have an annual electrical power production of roughly 120 GWh, an amount equivalent to the annual consumption of 5,000 to 6,000 Norwegian households.

Oslo, Norway – June 9, 2003 [] According to Hydro Energy sector president Hilde Myrberg the project is a creative collaboration between Norsk Hydro and the Dutch energy company Nuon. It was made possible by combining sales of green certificates on the Dutch market and electrical power from Havøygavlen in Finnmark. “Green certificates represent the overall environmental value that can be ascribed to this type of power production and it is the sale of these certificates that have made this project financially attractive,” Myrberg said. The wind power plant consists of sixteen 2.5 MW windmills, making the total installed capacity of the park 40 MW. The windmills were supplied, installed and are run by Nordex, a Dano-German company using the latest wind power technology. Havøygavlen Windmill Park is situated in an area where wind conditions are excellent and the average wind speed is more than nine meters/second. Total investments amount to NOK 310 million (US$44 million). The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) provided a NOK 65 million (US$9.3 million) subsidy. Arctic Wind A.S. owns the Havøygavlen windmill park; Nuon holds a 53.5 percent interest in the company, while Hydro has a 41.5 percent stake. The wind power park developer, Norsk Miljøkraft, has an ownership interest of 5 percent. This is Norsk Miljøkraft and Hydro’s first wind power project and will be the basis for Hydro to consider extensive development of wind power in Norway and other European countries. “Hydro is now looking into the development of a windmill park on Harbaksfjell near Trondheim that can be completed by 2005,” Myrberg said. “But this will depend on the project being granted a license, and on the conditions imposed by the authorities in Norway being conducive to the development of new renewable energy,” In addition to the windmill park at Finnmark, Hydro has submitted an application to develop another windmill park, the Harbaksfjell windmill park on the Fosen peninsula. Hydro originally informed the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) of its plans to develop a windmill park at Harbaksfjellet in April 2002. Following a consultative process, NVE drew up a program in December relating to the environmental impact assessment, which it is now sending for consideration, together with the license application, to local and regional authorities plus relevant organizations. If NVE grants a license, construction work can begin in the autumn. The windmill park is slated to be completed in 2005. The plan is to build the windmill park on a relatively flat plateau between 260 and 360 meters above sea-level, installing more than 30 wind turbines with a maximum output of roughly 90 MW. Windmill capacity has not yet been determined. Likely capacities are 2-3 MW, with a distance between turbines of some 400 to 500 meters. The environmental impact assessment specifies the area necessary for installing 33 turbines each of 2.75 MW. According to Helge Stiksrud, Hydro Energy’s head of communications and public affairs, Hydro is using its experience from Finnmark and paying close attention to meeting stringent safety requirements, safeguarding the natural environment, developing good technical solutions and ensuring lasting, profitable operation.
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