Wind, Bioenergy Mix for Nova Scotia Power

Power from renewable energy is something Nova Scotia will soon have in abundance. Nova Scotia Power approved 17 proposals totaling 28 MW from renewable energy sources that answered a request for proposal to help diversify the utility’s power portfolio.

The province-wide quest had a goal to add 20 MW of power from renewable energy sources, and called the search results highly successful and over-subscribed. In total these projects will displace the equivalent of 80,000 tons of CO2, or 31,000 tons of coal. Projects for biomass and landfill gas were approved, with the majority of power coming from wind energy resources. Eight business submitted proposals to the utility. “We are very delighted with the both the level of interest shown by independent renewable energy producers, and by the mix of renewable energy producers projects submitted,” said Bob Johnson, who is the senior manager of Renewable Energy Development for Nova Scotia Power. “We are accepting all 17 projects in order to accelerate development of energy from renewables.” The following companies were selected for wind power: Nova Scotia Ltd., Renewable Energy Services, Vector Wind Energy, Black River Hydro, Cape Breton Power, Eskasoni Power & Energy, and Renewable Energy Services. Comeau Lumber was selected for a biomass project, and Highland Energy for a biogas project.
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