White Energy Opens 100M Gallon Ethanol Plant

White Energy, Inc. has announced the opening of its new ethanol plant in Hereford, Texas. According to the company, this is the first large-scale ethanol plant to open in the State of Texas and it will utilize feedstock from local farmers.

At 100 million-gallons of ethanol production per year, the plant will use 36 million bushels of corn and milo per year. A majority of the corn will be purchased from Archer-Daniels-Midland, while the milo will be purchased from the local Herford Grain Co-op. White Energy’s plant will also produce 833,000 tons of distillers’ wet grain that will be used by local farmers. 

“This plant is a win-win in so many ways. Not only is it the first plant in Texas, it will provide significant economic benefits to the panhandle economy,” said White Energy’s president and CEO Kevin Kuykendall. “Our plant will provide approximately 40 new jobs to the area, and will support both the farmers and the cattle ranchers in the area. Just as important, this plant will support the President’s new energy initiatives, which require the U.S. to become less dependent on foreign oil.”
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