White Bluffs Solar Station Dedicated

Supporters of Renewable Energy development have dedicated the White Bluffs Solar Station, the largest photovoltaic solar power facility constructed in the Pacific Northwest. The station has a nameplate rating of 38.7 kilowatts DC and should produce 29.5 kilowatts AC at PVUSA Test Conditions. The system is comprised of 242 BP Solar 3160S photovoltaic panels.

RICHLAND, Washington – June 7, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] The solar plant is a collaborative project of three energy organizations in the Pacific Northwest and the US Department of Energy, all of whom contributed funding and support. Energy Northwest will own and operate White Bluffs Solar Station. The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) will integrate the power into its system. And the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) will market the environmental attributes – the displaced air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions – as a “Green Tags” product to buyers who want to offset the negative environmental effects of their own direct power consumption. The tags have been pre-sold for the next two years to Clark Public Utilities and Puget Sound Energy for their ratepayers who are participating in the utilities’ green power programs. Through BEF, the WallulaGen Corporation of Mercer Island, Washington, was also a funding participant, contributing US$50,000 of the US$230,000 capital costs. WallulaGen is constructing a large gas-fired power plant near Wallula, Washington and made its contribution as part of a larger mitigation package agreed to with the State of Washington. The U.S. Department of Energy contributed US$30,000 through its “Brightfields” solar grant program, with the assistance of Washington State University’s Cooperative Extension Energy Service. Greg Smith, Energy Northwest’s Vice President for Generation, noted the importance of planning for the region’s energy future. “We intend to extend our renewable portfolio with biomass, ocean wave energy, hydrogen storage, hydrogen use, this solar power station – and other non-carbon sources. Why are we doing this? I believe that in the coming century, a utility’s merit won’t be measured by how many megawatt-hours it produces, but by the amount of carbon it emits – or doesn’t emit – into the environment,” Smith said. “Green power customers have shown great interest in supporting solar energy throughout the Pacific Northwest,” said Angus Duncan, BEF President. “White Bluffs marks another successful partnership to meet this demand. Like wind energy before it, solar power is moving rapidly from a high-cost, marginal technology to one that will provide cost-effective power to our region, along with price stability and environmental quality. An enthusiastic group inspected the 242 shiny blue panels that tilt slightly south into the bright skies. White Bluffs Solar Station is located adjacent to WNP-1, a never-completed nuclear plant that sits a mile east of Columbia Generating Station, the region’s only operating nuclear power station.
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