Whistler to Establish Standard of RE Communities

Whistler, Inc. has signed a co-development agreement with Viable International Technology Associates-Sun, Inc. (VITA -Sun, Inc.), which is in the process of manufacturing its 2nd generation Photovoltaic Solar Powered “Energy Management Smart System,” which will establish the future standard of Renewable Energy communities.

SACRAMENTO, California – June 10, 2002 [SolarAccess.com] This agreement will allow both companies to explore numerous applications for residential, commercial, single-family homes, apartment complexes, hotels, schools and manufacturing facilities. VITA-Sun, Inc. and VITA Group Development Company, Inc. have a 1,300 unit subdivision pilot project, to be built in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The pilot projects will integrate Whistler, Inc.’s 1- 5 kW fuel cells with VITA-Sun, Inc.’s, new patents pending, Photovoltaic Energy Management Smart Systems. The integration of these technologies will allow a closed looped day/night renewable energy producing system. The CCN, Corporate Cooperative Network, is currently establishing an in house financial center to provide long-term (10 – 30 year) financing for their customers. This makes retrofitting conventional homes and businesses affordable and attainable. The long-term financing also allows the consumer to purchase Renewable Energy systems and pay less for their electricity per month than they were paying when connected to their utility companies. The consumers become their own power providers and most likely will produce more electricity via “net-metering”. This will allow consumers to sell back excess electricity to their local Utility Companies. The CCN is also establishing an Independent Energy Company (INDECO) that will design and build 5 megawatt to 200 megawatt Photovoltaic BioEnergy Power Plants. These plants can be installed virtually anywhere communities want, so Co-op Utility Companies are both possible and viable. The matrix of the CCN Corporation, is to provide complete engineering and architectural strengths to demonstrate a new approach toward “Total Solar Mass Urban-Rural developed communities and industries globally. Whistler, Inc. will continue to establish strategic relationships, co-development agreements and development contracts with reputable OEMs whose products are suitable for fuel cell integration.


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