Video: Filmmaker Rides 700 Miles to Find Out Which Energy Is Best

Documentary filmmaker Mark Pedri has put his own energy — that of the pedal-pushing variety — into determining which American-made power source best serves our interests.

His ambitious film, “Energy, Oh Energy” set him on a 700-mile course that took him to a nuclear site, coal and gas plants, a solar farm, a hydroelectric facility and a wind development. As a film crew of one, Pedri biked his way across deserts and mountains in Wyoming and parts of Utah on a mission to find out, in his mind, which energy is best.

“It is so hard to sift through everyone’s opinions when it comes to energy,” he said. “I want to make a film that gets around this. I want to make a film about the real story behind each of these major energy sources.”

His film will be released this winter. Until then, here’s some footage from his ride.

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