Where Can I get Entrepreneurial Training for Clean Energy Business?

I once operated a business supplying electricity from diesel generating sets in the third world and am now interested in receiving training to enable me become an entrepreneur generating electricity from renewable and environment friendly. I would be grateful if you could please provide names of a few organizations that provide this type of training. – Johnson O, London, UK

There are many organizations that provide training on solar, wind and microhydropower, and I have given information before on the ongoing and excellent programs at the Florida Solar Energy Center and the North Carolina Solar Center. But other companies and non-profits also have excellent programs, and I can’t name them all here. A few highlights are: SunPower Corp. hosts free public workshops on solar electricity for commercial and residential sites like the one recently held on March 5 in San Jose, California. Many solar, small wind and microhydro manufacturers, distributors and component suppliers provide training routinely. Non-profit SEI has PV Design & Installation workshops coming up this spring all over the US to design and install solar electric systems, being held in San Francisco, Austin, Salt Lake City, Tucson, and upstate New York. As part of the interest in wind energy in Colorado, SEI is teaming up with the Delta Montrose Electric Association (DMEA) in Colorado to present seminar on wind power. Topics will include current technology, costs, payback, interconnection issues, and net metering. SEI is also offering training in Peru on the practical Implementation of pico and microhydropower and solar photovoltaic systems for rural communities in Northern Peru. The two week workshop covers the technical and project implementation skills necessary in the developing world. SEI’s members are the heart of the organization and the SEI Staff are committed about their work which are supported by membership dues to sustain their renewable energy endeavors. Don’t forget to tie PV with energy efficiency and EPA’s ENERGY STAR offers a suite of Internet-based training sessions at no cost that show how to incorporate energy efficiency, whether a local government is establishing procurement specs, a school district is designing new buildings, or a college is looking to finance new equipment. Participants in these live sessions exchange ideas on a toll-free conference call while logged into a presentation on the Internet. They interact with experienced energy or financial consultants during a 30 to 60 minute session. Contacts: Sunpower information, at http://www.sunpowercorp.com/html SEI PO Box 715 – 76 S. 2nd. St. – Carbondale, CO 81623 970-963-8855 – fax: 970-963-8866 and at www.sei.org Full descriptions of each presentation, online registration and the schedule for March are available at: http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=business.bus_internet_presentations. Florida Solar Energy Center www.fsec.ucf.edu North Carolina Solar Center www.ncsc.ncsu.edu
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Scott, founder and president of The Stella Group, Ltd., in Washington, DC, is the Chair of the Steering Committee of the Sustainable Energy Coalition and serves on the Business Council for Sustainable Energy, and The Solar Foundation. The Stella Group, Ltd., a strategic marketing and policy firm for clean distributed energy users and companies using renewable energy, energy efficiency and storage. Sklar is an Adjunct Professor at The George Washington University teaching two unique interdisciplinary courses on sustainable energy, and is an Affiliated Professor of CATIE, the graduate university based in Costa Rica. . On June 19, 2014, Scott Sklar was awarded the prestigious The Charles Greely Abbot Award by the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) and on April 26, 2014 was awarded the Green Patriot Award by George Mason University in Virginia.

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