What exactly it means when you hear about Eco travel

With the threat of global warming to the environment, every effort of going green is embraced. This has also entered into the travel industry. Eco travel is a term used to describe adoption of responsible travel practices that are aimed at socio-cultural, economic and environmental sustainability.

Travelers are encouraged to choose only those tour companies, transportation methods and tour operators that are sensitive to the ecology of our environment as well as give back to the local community’s growth. These organs should be able to cater for the current needs without necessarily compromising current and future needs of generations to come.

Choose your transportation mode

While choosing your means of transportation, always go for the one with the least effect to the environment. Using public transportation vehicles or traveling by train is eco-friendly, and it also gives you a chance to interact with the locals and experience the culture in an up-close personal way.

Instead of renting a vehicle, you can choose to walk, cycle or use quad bikes or try out southern Utah ATV tours. Always choose to use other options other than planes whenever possible.

Support the local community

To reduce your carbon footprint even more, support the local farmers by indulging in the local cuisine. If possible try to eat out of restaurants that advertise local produce. To be sure, you can visit mom and pop-like food kiosks; they mostly use locally-sourced produce.

Do not eat endangered species like the over harvested shellfish or turtle at any cost.

Respect the local culture

It’s always prudent to let go and learn when you are in a new environment. It will be exciting to immerse yourself and understand how other people live their lives. Do your homework well before you embark on your trip. Learn about their language, norms, customs and speak the language if possible, even if it’s just the greetings.

Responsible use of natural resources

Traveling to a place where you will come into encounter with an exotic animal or an indigenous tribe can be very exciting. But it’s important to take time and consider whether you are supporting a business that might end up doing more harm than good.

Choose a hotel or lodge that is environmentally friendly. Look at the building materials and sensitivity to water, waste disposal and energy conservation. You should also vet your tour company choice on these aspects as well.

When you are staying in a hotel, you can avoid changing your sheets everyday to conserve water.

Environment policy and offset

You should always concentrate on shrinking your carbon footprint. There are handy carbon offset calculators that you can use online; most tour companies have them on their websites. Using these calculators goes towards funding renewable energy projects and reforestation.

Always give back

After experiencing a culture and its people, you know what is needed most. Take the time to donate to charitable and religious organizations.

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