WFC Launches Policy Toolkit Website

The World Future Council (WFC) announced this week the release of a new website designed to provide policy makers, regulators and advocates with comprehensive information on renewable energy adoption policies in order to speed up the procurement of clean energy around the world.

The website, called Policy Action on Climate Toolkit (PACT), is a free interactive database with information on effective renewable energy policy options. The first such policy featured on the site is the Feed-in Tariff (FIT), which has been hailed as the cheapest and fastest way to deploy large amounts of renewables. The PACT site features political and technical prerequisites for introducing a FIT in a particular country and identifies the objectives and key features of a good FIT. After the user goes through the education process, they can create their own theoretical FIT to match a specified region’s energy needs.

“This is an attempt to help demystify and democratize the lawmaking process, which is a very exciting part of the website,” says Peter Roderick, co-director of the Climate Justice Program, an organization that helped develop the PACT site. “We believe this is an effective tool for encouraging the deployment of FITs.”

FITS are now in place in 47 countries, states and provinces around the world. The policy has been very successful in Germany and Spain, which have become world leaders in installed renewable energy capacity and manufacturing. Germany accounted for almost two-thirds of the global market in 2006, and with 1,050 MW of installed capacity. The Spanish solar PV market grew the fastest of any country during 2006/2007, with existing capacity more than doubling during each of those two years.

“We’d love to think this will be a great help in increasing the amount of FITs in the world,” Roderick said. “We’ve done the best we can in producing this website in the hopes that others will find it useful.”

WFC worked with a team of international lawyers and leading renewable energy experts to craft the online resource for those making important decisions about energy around the world. While FITs are the currently the only focus of the PACT website, WFC plans to expand information on quota systems and energy efficiency programs.
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