Western Offers Renewables to Federal Agencies

Federal agencies across the nation can now take advantage of the benefits of Renewable Energy through a program geared to their needs offered by Western Area Power Administration, in cooperation with the Federal Energy Management Program.

Lakewood, Colorado – April 30, 2003 [SolarAccess.com] This program, developed by the two Department of Energy organizations, is designed to increase the renewable power options available to Federal agencies. Western offers three Renewable Energy products to federal agencies. Western can buy Renewable Energy for Federal agencies located within its 15-state service territory, whether the agency is an existing power customer or not. Under the Renewable Power option, the energy is physically delivered for the agency’s use. Supplemental Renewable Energy is also available from Western. This option is available to current customers to supplement their current firm hydropower deliveries from Western. Western can also buy Renewable Energy and sell the energy’s environmental attributes to a federal customer. These Renewable Energy certificates, or green tags, can be purchased by federal agencies anywhere. Under this option, Renewable Energy is physically delivered to Western’s transmission system and the Green Tag is delivered to the purchasing federal agency. Costs vary for each product but generally take into account the expense of the power purchased and Western’s costs to procure and deliver the energy as well as administer the program. “We’re extremely pleased with Western’s leadership in providing new options to Federal agencies for purchasing Renewable Energy,” said FEMP’s program manager Beth Shearer. “This program helps federal agencies meet the current federal goal to meet the equivalent of 2.5 percent of facility electricity load from new Renewable Energy resources by 2005.”
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