Western Governors Adopt Policies on Clean Energy, Climate and Fuel

Western Governors Association (WGA) committed to take action to bring online substantially more clean and diversified energy resources, improve energy efficiency and ensure adequate transmission available at a reasonable cost well into the future.

Based on recommendations developed over the past 18 months by more than 250 stakeholders — whose work is outlined in the WGA report “Clean Energy, a Strong Economy and a Healthy Environment” — the goals are to develop an additional 30,000 megawatts (MW) of clean energy by 2015; increase energy efficiency 20 percent by 2020; and ensure secure, reliable transmission for the next 25 years. The resolution adopted by this meeting of the WGA was brought forward by Govs. Janet Napolitano (Ariz.), WGA Chair; Bill Richardson (N.M.) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (Calif.), who proposed the initiative two years ago; Dave Freudenthal (Wyo.); and Mike Rounds (S.D.), WGA Vice Chair. Gov. Rounds said governors will consider measures most appropriate for their states by encouraging regulators, policymakers, utilities, transmission operators and other stakeholders to eliminate barriers to greater use of clean energy resources. Gov. Schwarzenegger said the recommendations address “difficult and profound challenges. When we work together, these ambitious goals are 100 percent attainable. They’re too important for us to do anything but work together.” “There is much we can do within our states, but federal action also is needed to reach our mutual goals for secure, reliable energy within our region and across the country,” Rounds said. “Western governors will work with Congress and the Bush Administration to see these recommendations are implemented.” Gov. Brian Schweitzer (Mont.), a cosponsor of the transportation fuels resolution, said “Western Governors are helping to set a new direction to position this region which is rich in coal and biomass resources to develop alternative transportation fuels. We need the federal government to step up to the plate to meet this challenge or get out of the way.”
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