WELtec & E.ON Start Construction on Biogas Plant

Construction of the one world’s largest plants for feeding biogas into the natural gas grid has officially started. WELtec BioPower GmbH had obtained the building permit at the end of May and has now announced that construction began in late July.

E.ON Bioergas GmbH has been engaged by WELtec as a cooperation partner for the sale of the approximately 530 million cubic feet of the biological natural gas generated every year in the 16 fermenters that will operate at the plant.

According to E.ON Bioerdgas, the use of regenerative fuels from the plant‘s immediate environment is the right step towards secure energy supply, as this approach provides a high degree of energy efficiency and is ecologically sustainable.

Apart from the benefits for the environment, Jens Albartus, director of WELtec BioPower, pointed to the positive economic effects of the €35 million [US $51.6 million]. “This biogas park constitutes the basis for new local value chains and ultimately generates employment opportunities,” he said.

RenewableEnergyWorld.com originally reported on this plant in July.

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