Weather Warriors: 8 Individuals Fighting for Mother Nature

As the signs of global warming slowly cripple the planet, it’s becoming more and more apparent that Mother Nature needs someone in her corner of the environmental boxing ring. From meteorological scientists putting the sobering weather facts on the table to environmental activists turned weather warriors, there are a number of people helping to change the way the world looks at climate change. With weather’s unsung heroes in mind, here are eight outspoken individuals who are fighting for the planet’s future forecast whether they are realtors like Kim Alvarez or a doctor, the environment is important to everyone.

Gavin Schmidt 

When it comes to fighting for the planet, it takes the help of NASA’s top environmental activists to get noticed, which is exactly where Gavin Schmidt comes into play. Schmidt is a climatologist for NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies and, although the study of space doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with global warming, it actually does. 

Schmidt has spearheaded a number of studies including ocean circulation as it relates to climate change, which is a key factor in developing present day climate models as well as future climate predictions. Along with his studies at NASA, Schmidt is spreading the word about climate change and is co-author of Climate Change: Picturing the Science, which explains the climate issues facing the planet. 

Julia Hill 

It sometimes takes extremists to help save the planet, and Julia Hill is no exception. After almost losing her life in a car accident in the mid 90s, Hill decided to devote the rest of her life to the environmental debate and defending Mother Nature. That’s exactly what she has done for almost two decades now. 

In early 1997, Hill decided to make a Northern California redwood tree her new home in order to stop land developers from cutting it down. After two years of her tree house living, the land developers gave up their pursuit and Hill successfully saved the tree. Ever since, she devoted her life to the environment, she is become a beacon of hope for activists all over the world and she never hesitates to voice her opinion on such topics as land overuse and global warming. 

Charles Cook

Weather warriors and water warriors go hand-in-hand and Charles Cooke is defending the planet the only way he knows how: through the water debate. A graduate from the University of Oxford and writer for the National Review, Cook continuously publishes articles about the effects of climate change on the world and its inhabitants.

One of Cook’s recent articles for the National Review describes the recent issue of drought and how it affects California’s farmland, specifically in the San Joaquin Valley. Cook’s article goes into detail about how climate change is causing completely unexpected, crop-crippling drought conditions so severe that farmers have no option but to sell their land. The article is eye-opening considering nearly 13% of all the nation’s agricultural production takes place in California. 

Shane Smith 

Environmental issues need the spotlight in order to grab the audience’s attention, which is exactly what Shane Smith and Vice are doing. Known for being an outspoken news and entertainment source, the Vice website also concentrates its newsworthy efforts on the environment. And, with its new HBO documentary series, Vice is putting Smith in the thick of global warming. 

In a recent episode of the documentary series, Smith and the Vice camera crew traveled to Greenland with Jason Box, a glaciologist, to explain exactly why Greenland’s ice is melting at such a rapid pace. In the episode, Smith and Box, who is co-founder of the Dark Snow Project, a group that aims to uncover the truths behind the ocean’s melting icecaps, explain that Greenland is suffering due to greenhouse gas emissions among other environmental factors. 

Yevgenia Chirikova 

Yevgenia Chirikova is taking her weather warrior mentality to the Moscow government. As an outspoken opponent of President Vladimir Putin’s poor eco-friendly standards, Chirikova put in her bid for mayor of Russia’s satellite city, Khimki, in order to extend her environmental outreach to the citizens of Russia. 

Chirikova is known as a high-profile environmental activist. In fact, she spearheaded the Khimki deforestation campaign as a result of Moscow’s plan to build a massive eight-lane highway between the Russian capital and St. Petersburg. If Chirikova does succeed in her mayoral efforts, she’s sure to put eco-friendly standards and global warming in the Russian spotlight. 

U.S. Representative Henry Waxman and Senator Ed Markey 

In keeping with the spirit of environmental activism on a political level, U.S. Representative Henry Waxman of California and Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts are working together to bring the environmental debate to Capitol Hill. In fact, the duo’s Waxman-Markey Energy/Climate Bill, better known as the American Clean Energy and Security Act, is already in action. 

The bill requires large utility companies to produce a percentage of electricity from renewable resources on a rolling basis. In addition, Waxman and Markey’s bill also asks that electricity producers, natural gas suppliers, oil refineries, and other energy-eating industries reduce their emissions by specified percentages in the coming future. The politicians are aiming their efforts at reducing the planet’s greenhouse gases, and if industries cooperate, the bill will definitely have a positive impact on the environment. 

Working as One: The Union of Concerned Scientists 

If scientists have to create a concerned union, then the planet really has issues. The Union of Concerned Scientists, which consists of climatologists, biologists, climate change specialists, and other top professionals in the field of science, are working as one to find out exactly what’s plaguing the plant. 

Through rigorous research, the scientists who make up the union are coming up with innovative ways to analyze environmental issues, which helps the world reverse its destructive habits. From global warming to the science behind sustainability to the effects of climate change across the globe, the union is an alliance of more than 400,000 scientists with one singular mission: save the planet. 

The planet needs help and the activists and unions above are doing all they can to make sure the human race has a place to call home.


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JT was born and raised in northern suburb of Detroit, MI and now resides in Tampa, FL where he graduated from USF with a major in environmental science and policy (ESP) and a minor in English. JT is currently working as a freelance writer and volunteers at the central Florida green building council. Ever since he was a kid he had a love for nature and animals and has been an eco-enthusiast since. JT has always tried his best to do his part to help the world be a cleaner, greener, more efficient place and has always tried get others involved as well.

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