WE Energies Requests More from Renewables

Wisconsin Energies recently issued two RFPs (requests for proposals) that would bring more renewable energy to its customers.

The first is a request for proposals for up to 200 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy generation, including wind, biomass, hydroelectric and solar energy. Proposals must be for the sale of a renewable energy facility to WE Energies.  Facilities proposed under this RFP must be in service by Jan. 1, 2011.

Successful proposals will be cost effective and will minimize transmission and/or distribution system impacts.

Download the Renewable Energy RFP here.

In a second request, We Energies requests proposals for purchase and injection of biomethane supplies meeting We Energies’ quality standard into the We Energies natural gas distribution system in Wisconsin.

To qualify, biomethane must be produced using anaerobic digestion technology. Landfill gas projects will not be considered under this request for proposals. Facilities proposed under this RFP must be in service by Jan 1, 2010. Proposals will be received and reviewed in two separate phases.

Download the Biomethane RFP here.
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