Wave Dragon Testing Continues

May 15, 2003 [SolarAccess.com] The Wave Dragon ocean energy prototype will resume testing despite complications during stormy weather in Denmark. The 237 ton wave energy converter experienced a strong gale (25 m/s) when being installed in the Danish fjord Nissum Bredning. But the damages on the Wave Dragon prototype are very modest. Inspections have shown that the damages are limited to some missing rubber fenders and ruined signal cables. The wave reflectors were towed to a nearby harbor to minimize damages. When the main platform is repaired the wave reflectors will be towed back to the test site and re-attached. The Wave Dragon platform is still moored at the test site. The extensive test scheme scheduled for the Wave Dragon has commenced. At present Aalborg University is testing and calibrating the control systems for regulation of floating height. Later on the Technical University of Munich will test and calibrate the turbine system. With test data from a situation with the wave reflectors not attached the Wave Dragon project will now have the opportunity to verify the increase in efficiency due to the wave reflectors. The wave reflectors will be re-attached after the repair on the fender system is done, probably mid-May.
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