Waste-to-Energy Project Planned by Energos

Plans for a waste-to-energy gasification plant have been unveiled by Energos, part of ENER-G. The facility is expected to supply 9 megawatts (MW) of electricity and 32.8 MW of thermal energy.

The facility, which will supply both heat for local industry and electricity, is expected to cost £40 million [US $60 million]. A planning application has been made to Knowsley Borough Council for the project, which will use gasification to convert leftover, non-recyclable waste into energy. The plant would take two years to build and Knowsley would be the second advanced thermal conversion plant built in the UK.

“We are proposing a community-sized solution for local waste that would otherwise fill up landfill sites and emit damaging greenhouse gases. We offer a proven and world class, low-emission gasification technology that can help the UK build a much needed sustainable waste infrastructure,” said Nick Dawber, managing director for Energos.


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