Washington Biofuels Briefing

The upcoming Biofuels Briefing, taking place on September 14 in Washington, DC, provides valuable insights on biofuels activities in many parts of the world, and in building relationships with the oil and auto industries to improve air quality, in gaining better acceptance of biofuels in existing fuel infrastructures and in moving toward lower carbon fuels, according to Bill Holmberg, Chair of the New Uses Council and Director of the Biomass Coordinating Council.

September 10, 2004 [SolarAccess.com] A recent OECD (organization for economic development) report argues that “a significant shift could take place this century from a fossil fuel to a biomass-based economy.” In the transportation sector, the International Fuel Quality Centers (IFQC) (four Centers: Maryland and Houston in the US, and Bonn and Singapore overseas). They are committed to improving transportation fuel quality world wide. Part of this commitment includes developing cooperative relationships between the international oil and auto industries and the biofuels industries in advancing the concept of a practical transition to lighter carbon fuels. They launched the effort with the Biofuels Briefing in Brazil earlier this year. This upcoming Biofuels Briefing represents the IFQC’s second of two related biofuels briefings. The fee for the event is $345.
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