Vulcan Power Unveils G3 Power Plan

Vulcan Power Company has announced its G3 Power Plan, a preliminary plan for green grid transmission upgrades to deliver a “green gigawatt” of geothermal power to Los Angeles and Las Vegas from massive steam zones located in northwest Nevada.

According to research cited by Vulcan, 2,500 megawatts (MW) of geothermal steam exists in northern Nevada. There has already been about 240 MW of geothermal online in Nevada for 15 years, which is evenly split between Nevada and California utility buyers Sierra Pacific Resources and Southern California Edison Company. Seven companies with advanced sites have been selected to supply progressive Nevada and California utilities with about 500 MW of geothermal, with over half utilizing these grid upgrades.

“G3 Plan transmission economics are very compelling,” said Vulcan board member Richard Rodgers.  “Geothermal is a bargain for California, particularly when compared to new gas fired power, believed to cost $0.096 per kWh.  The first 1,000 MW of new geothermal could justify building about $4 billion worth of grid upgrades and doubling that output justifies $8 billion in upgrades.”

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