Virgin Islands & Alpine Energy To Develop Waste-to-Energy Projects

The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA) has signed two 20-year power purchase agreements (PPAs) and the Virgin Islands Waste Management Authority (WMA) has signed two 20-year solid waste management services agreements with affiliates of Alpine Energy Group LLC to build, own and operate two waste-to-energy facilities to serve the residents of St. Thomas/St. John’s and St. Croix.

The facilities, with a projected cost of US $440 million, will convert an estimated 146,000 tons of municipal solid waste per year into refuse-derived fuel (RDF) using WastAway Services technology, which will combine with petroleum coke as fuel to generate steam and electric power.

Each facility will divert essentially all of the municipal solid waste from landfills and provide 33 MW of electric power to St. Thomas/St. John and 16 MW of electric power to St. Croix.

“These projects will play a major role in the future of power generation and waste management on St. Thomas/St. John and St. Croix by addressing waste management, electric capacity requirements, and energy costs. We are pleased and proud to have been chosen to help WMA and WAPA craft state-of-the art solutions to divert waste from landfills and offer fuel diversity for power generation,” said James Beach, Alpine’s president.

Construction is expected to start in May 2010 with an anticipated completion date during the fourth quarter of 2012. The facility in St. Thomas will be located at Long Point. In St. Croix, the facility will be built in the Anguilla area near the Krause Lagoon.

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