Building Community Support for Renewables

Public opposition is a formidable hurdle for any project developer. Around one quarter of all wind projects in the U.S. are delayed or stopped because concerns over project siting and general distrust of the developer. In this podcast, we’ll look at a couple elements for success that companies and communities need to think about when building out a project.

Maria Stefanovich, a PhD candidate at Oregon State University, talks about her research examining public opinion of wave energy in Oregon. She’ll highlight the importance of economic factors in determining support for a project.

Then, we’ll visit the island of Vinalhaven 12 miles off the coast of Maine to speak with some people about the ongoing development of a 4.5 MW wind project.

Fox Islands Wind CEO George Baker (below, left) talks about the logistics of the project and why it’s so important for the island community.


Adison Ames (above, middle), a lobster fisherman and board member of the local electric cooperative, describes the history of the project and the process of community engagement that made the wind farm successful.

This podcast is sponsored by Solar Power International.

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