Vertigro Algae Testing Gets High Marks

Global Green Solutions Inc. (GGRN) has released data from the initial testing of Vertigro algae as a biofuels stock. According to GGRN, the testing indicates a potential yield of 276 tons of algae biomass per acre per year using GGRN’s production system. This would produce approximately 33,000 gallons of algae oil per acre per year for use as a fuel stock.

The primary objective was testing the ability of the technology to continuously grow healthy algae in a closed loop production system over extended periods with representative field operating conditions. A secondary objective was to determine the initial benchmark of algae biomass production rate.

“We are growing healthy algae under varying environmental and operating conditions in our bioreactors,” said Doug Frater, president and CEO of GGRN. “These initial results are very encouraging as the system has not yet achieved optimal operation. We are still exploring bioreactor density per acre, algae growth rate parameters and high oil-content algae species/strain selection.”
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