Verdezyne & Lallemand To Develop Yeast for Enhanced Ethanol Production

Biotechnology firm Verdezyne Inc. and yeast provider Lallemand Ethanol Technology have signed an agreement to develop and commercialize a genetically enhanced high-yield ethanol producing yeast.

Under the agreement, Verdezyne will use its suite of metabolic engineering tools to introduce a proprietary pathway into an industrial yeast strain provided by Lallemand. The enhanced yeast is expected to produce more ethanol per unit of glucose compared with currently available strains.

Lallemand will be responsible for process development, manufacturing and worldwide commercialization of the novel yeast. Under the terms of the agreement, Verdezyne will receive patent license fees and royalty payments.

“We believe Verdezyne is the right partner to develop an enhanced yeast with properties that are very desirable to today’s ethanol producers,” said Bill Nankervis, president of Lallemand Specialties Inc. and general manager of Lallemand Ethanol Technology. “This agreement represents a commitment on behalf of Verdezyne and Lallemand to provide a superior yeast that will deliver improved profitability and sustainability to our customers.”

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