Venezuela, Dominican Republic Step into Wind

Venezuela’s commissioner of national electricity announced last week that the country will work with developers to build 1,500 MW of wind farms over the next five years. The wind farms will be the first for the oil-rich nation.

Venezuela is the fifth largest investor in the energy sector. But it has so far not invested in renewables beyond hydropower. A large number of the 1500 MW will be developed by Petroleos de Venezuela, the government-owned oil company.

Around the same time Venezuela announced intentions to build a number of wind projects, government officials from the Dominican Republic did the same. The country’s National Energy Commission said that three wind farms totaling 113 MW of capacity would be completed by the middle of 2011.

These first project in Pedernales will have 33 MW of capacity; the next farm in Bani will have 30 MW; and the third project will be a 50-MW farm in Puerto Plata.

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