Veg My Ride: Diesel to Vegoil Conversion Guide

The process of converting a vehicle to run on vegetable oil may seem complicated or difficult. But now for those thinking about making the switch there’s a new resource designed to help make them the transition at home and for less money than they might think.

VegEnergy and subMedia present Veg My Ride, a D.I.Y instructional DVD that walks the viewer through the process or converting a diesel passenger vehicle, in this case a mid 1980’s Mercedes, to run on straight vegetable oil. Host Robert Del Bueno looks at the parts, tools and methods required to install everything from a new fuel tank to heated fuel lines and wiring.

The system installed by Del Bueno is not brand specific and the steps involved can be applied to other diesel conversions. According to Franklin Lopez from subMedia, converting to vegetable oils benefits the environment and is easier on the wallet than consumers might think.

“A lot of folks think can’t afford a US $20,000 car. Buying and converting a used Mercedes can cost as little as US $2000,” he said.

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