Vattenfall and Wavebob Sign Wave Power Development Deal

A cooperation agreement covering the development of wave power technology has been signed by Swedish utility company Vattenfall AB and Wavebob Ltd of Ireland. Under the terms of the agreement the two companies will collaborate on bringing prototype wave power devices to readiness for full-scale commercial wave power farms.

The agreement is expected to see Wavebob’s technology further developed and scaled up to commercial size. There is also a common understanding between the two companies to broaden and deepen the cooperation to include studies regarding site selection methodology and development of a large demonstration project of 250 megawatts.

“Wave power is now mature to be demonstrated at commercial size. However, we should be patient. Even though this would be a large step forward for wave power, the technology must still be further developed and optimized, and the power system concepts need to be integrated, before the technology can be commercially introduced at larger scale. Our cooperation with Wavebob will make the wheels turn faster. Therefore, I am convinced that we will see the first European large-scale commercial wave power plants in operation in 10-15 years from now,” said Lars Stromberg, VP of R&D at Vattenfall.

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