Valcent Increases Its Vertigro Algae Interest

Valcent Products announced that the Vertigro Joint Venture (JV) is developing algae production technology initially intended for an oil biofuel feedstock.

Global Green Solutions Inc. will be the operator of the JV as of July 1 with emphasis on marketing and commercialization, with Valcent and its associates to continue its research and additional development. The JV will expand its market studies and research to include other commercial applications in response to worldwide interest in the Vertigro algae technology.

Glen Kertz, CEO of Valcent said, “…the engineering and marketing, and operational strengths of Global Green Solutions has brought significant depth and expertise to the Joint Venture as it nears the first commercial products based on the algae technologies.”

Valcent’s Vertigro business is based in El Paso, Texas, where its laboratory and research facility is nearing completion. The facility features a high-speed algae screening capability to determine the premier strains of algae and the optimum growth for the multiplicity of potential applications.

The algae, which will be harvested and converted to algal oil for biofuel feedstock and other products, will be grown in state-of-the-art bioreactors. At the completion of the development phase, estimated for late 2007, small commercial plants will be constructed in North America, Europe and South Africa, with larger facilities scheduled to be built in late 2008.

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