V R U Vidyut Renewable Urja

Thermal Conductivity is a much ignored field. I am sure it could solve the problem of energy, and could provide inexhaustible non polluting supply of electricity. My method of using Thermal Conductivity is quite different from what is being conventionally thought of.

But first let me explain, I had a round shaped electric salt bath steel tempering furnace in my factory, salt bath was in 1 inch thick steel pot was heated to around 325Degrees Celsius by coils of heating elements placed in Grooved bricks around the pot, so if the temperatures of the bath and was 325 degrees, than the temperature of the heating elements would be at least between 500 to 550 degrees if not more. This is more than sufficient to generate steam which just requires just over 100 degrees. All this heating required about 12 HP or 9KW. I want to use this leeway along with a specially designed boiler to generate electricity.

 Now about generating electricity using Thermal Conductivity.

Initially a “thermal conductivity efficient” boiler is to be developed comprising of a steel clad boiler made with copper lining in the inside (or any good conductor of electricity/thermal conductivity like say, Aluminum, brass or such alloys etc which can expedite heating of water through thermal conductivity.

The copper lining in the boiler is to have multiple grooves on its outer surface ‘to place coils of High Temperature heating elements on it’, and power these High Temperature heating elements from electricity generated by ‘solar power or wind turbines or conventional power’ and if necessary make multiple grooves internally ‘to create more surface area’ which will speed up the heating process of water already stored in the boiler to form saturated steam. From my experience with the Tempering furnace you will appreciate that the temperature and pressure would be sufficient with the copper lining being heated through Thermal Conductivity, irrespective of the size of the Turbine as a suitable boiler could be designed for it.

The saturated steam thus created will be passed through heat exchangers ‘also powered’ by Solar/wind power to convert into superheated steam, and pass it through a steam turbine to generate electricity. Needless to add the exhaust steam will be flash or even saturated steam which is to be ‘immediately’ passed through heat exchangers and thermal efficient boilers to be converted to super heated (with the necessary temperature and pressure) and ready for turbine again, so that no or very less energy is lost. I presume all this would only require about 12 to 15 KW of power sufficient to have from wind generator or solar power.

The other method is the Geo Thermal way. Introduce copper strips/rods in the geo thermal wells and attach it to the above mentioned Copper lining in the boiler and it will heat the boiler and start producing electricity. Here the temperatures are very less say about 130 degrees Celsius as the steam from geysers this temperature are around. I call this ‘VRU’ Vidyut Renewable Urja. 


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