USSE Announces Two New E-Diesel Fuels

U.S. Sustainable Energy Corp. (USSE) announced that, based on a series of recent independent miscibility studies, it has successfully created two new forms of E-Diesel liquid fuel created from the proprietary Rivera Process.

In laboratory tests just completed by Alchem Labs, the breakthrough USSE E-Diesel fuel promotes the miscibility of ethanol with diesel and hence creates a better fuel blend of traditional commercial-based diesel and ethanol in a 60/40 ratio and a groundbreaking biodiesel, diesel and ethanol in a 30/30/40 ratio. These fuels can service the U.S. E-Diesel market created by legislation for a $15 billion market equal to 10% of the on-road diesel consumption of 50 billion gallons annually by 2010. USSE intends to enter this market using E-Diesel produced from its facility in Natchez. Until now, greater than 15% ethanol and diesel did not mix. The ability to blend 40% ethanol through USSE’s technology is a major step forward for the farm community becoming more energy self-sufficient by using almost three times as much ethanol produced from its own crops to fuel farm vehicles. This is significant in that other known commercial blends of ethanol and diesel vary between only 7.5% to a maximum of 15% ethanol. Blending ethanol with diesel results in a renewable, oxygenated, cleaner-burning fuel suitable for off- and on-road use in both new and old engines. E-Diesel improves diesel engine performance while cutting visible smoke and reducing hazardous emissions in multiple ways through the lowering of fuel sulfur content in fuel and sulfur byproduct emissions, and the 35% oxygen content present in the ethanol decreases gaseous and particulate emission.
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