Ushering in a New Wave of Hydropower Growth

Hydro in the U.S. is poised for another period of major growth. With states recognizing hydro in renewable portfolio standards, companies getting access to stimulus funds and a range of new players getting into the industry, the environment is looking good. In this podcast, we’ll look at what type of projects we’re likely to see in America and internationally.

Rumford Falls Technician Ron Violet will show us around a historic mid-sized hydro plant in Maine. He’ll tell us about what it’s like operating a run-of-river facility.

Fred Ayer, executive director of the Low Impact Hydro Institute, talks about the need to ensure sustainable growth in the industry.

Julie Smith-Galvin, director of communications at Brookfield Renewable Power, talks about how the company is working to achieve a higher level environmental protection at its facilities.

And Peter Bosshard, policy director for the NGO International Rivers, describes the problems associated with large dams – many of which are being constructed in developing countries. He’ll talk about the need to look at more environmentally-sound alternatives.

This podcast is sponsored by Solar Power International.

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