Untapped Geothermal Power Shows Potential

Data showing almost 100 undeveloped geothermal power sites in 11 western states was extracted from existing studies and released by the Geothermal Energy Association. These sites have a production potential approaching 25,000 MW of electrical generating capacity — enough to meet more than 70 percent of California’s electricity needs.

Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) compiled and presented these estimates at the Western Governors’ Association’s assessment on the ability of clean energy resources to meet the substantial growth expected in the region’s electric power demand. These estimates exclude unknown, undiscovered resources. One of GEA’s four sources, the US Geological Survey, estimated that another 72,000 MW to 127,000 MW could be supported by undiscovered hydrothermal resources not included in its assessment. Other sources include recent reports, books, and data from the Department of Energy.
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