UK Renewable Industry Pulls Together

Eleven UK-based renewable energy trade associations, representing over 600 companies engaged in the renewables sector, joined forces and published an eight point action plan to rapidly expand the use of renewables in the UK to provide a quarter of the country’s total energy needs by 2025.

“The UK is blessed with a vast renewable energy resource and we have made good progress recently in developing a market for renewable electricity, especially through the development of wind power,” said Marcus Rand, Chief Executive of the British Wind Energy Association. “However, this is just the tip of the renewable iceberg. We now need to bring new renewable technologies, like wave and tidal, to commercial take off, while at the same time intervening to drive new markets for renewable heat and transport fuels.” The action plan will be sent to all political parties ahead of the forthcoming general election. This recommendation is in line with that made recently by the Climate Change Task Force, headed by Stephen Byers, which called on the G8 countries to deliver a quarter of their power from renewable sources over the next twenty years. The plan sets out how the UK can take full advantage of its vast renewable energy resources at the same time as taking action to reduce carbon emissions and increase energy security. At the heart of the plan is an urgent call to develop renewables across all energy sectors so that the good progress being made in developing renewable electricity, especially wind power, is expanded for all renewable technologies. This will mean the Government setting targets and introducing financial support measures to create new markets for renewable heat and transport fuels. “The solar thermal industry in the UK lags way behind other northern European Countries,” said Gareth Ellis, Chief Executive of the Solar Trade Association. “This is largely because of political neglect of this technology and a general lack of awareness of its potential. Solar water heating can make a huge contribution to CO2 reduction in housing. What the industry needs is support to develop the UK market, improve standards and train installers.” The action plan also calls for measures to dramatically expand the use of small-scale renewables for use on homes and offices. The rapidly expanding renewable industry is also calling for the creation of a new Cabinet level post with specific responsibility for the delivery of the UK’s Climate Change Program within a new Department of Energy and Environment. The groups making the combined plea to the government are the following: British Biogen, British Hydropower Association, British Pellet Club, British Photovoltaic Association, British Wind Energy Association, Combined Heat and Power Association, Ground Source Heat Pump Club, The Micropower Council, Renewable Power Association, Scottish Renewables Forum, Solar Trade Association For the group’s full list of recommendations, see the following link:
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