UK passes 1 GW offshore wind mark


The UK has now installed more than 1 GW of offshore wind power, more than any other country, following the completion of the Robin Rigg and Gunfleet Sands wind farms. This is good news, and means that offshore wind is finally on its way to making a serious contribution to UK energy needs. Currently there are more than 40 GW of offshore wind in the pipeline, which if completed, would generate around 40% of the country’s electricity.

Also, according to RenewablesUK, it was revealed that the load factor (the amount of time the turbines are running at full capacity) for offshore wind averaged 35% in 2009. This is broadly equivalent to hydropower in the UK, and only 5%-10% less than standard thermal power. In coming years this seems likely to increase, making offshore wind a generally exciting prospect..

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