UK Breaks Its Annual Wind Record, Says BWEA

According to British Wind Energy Association (BWEA), wind energy in the UK has broken all records with 630 new megawatts (MW) of wind energy already commissioned in 2006, making this the most productive year for the sector since the country’s first commercial wind farm started generating electricity 15 years ago.

This marks an increase of 50% on performance of 2005, which in turn was a 100% increase on capacity commissioned in 2004. With a further 625 MW currently under construction, and consents awarded for a further 2120 MW, the UK wind energy sector will be the single greatest contributor to the UK’s 10% 2010 renewable energy target and 20% 2020 renewable aspiration. Since BWEA, a UK renewable energy association, expanded its mission two years ago to further the emerging technologies of wave and tidal stream power generation, it reports that wind, wave and tidal power combined can supply 21% of the UK’s electricity by 2020, resulting in more than GBP16 billion [US$31.4 billion] of investment in UK plc. The countdown has now begun to the UK’s second gigawatt of installed capacity — only 18 months after commissioning its first — firmly positioning the wind industry as a key player in the UK energy market and the UK wind industry in the top ten players globally.


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