UK Bioprocessor Produces More Biodiesel for Less

MB Industrial, a UK company based in Cheltenham, introduced bioprocessor units that produce diesel fuel from vegetable oil. Produced from new or used vegetable oil, the clean-burning biodiesel can be made for about 87 cents per liter including duty, a considerable savings on forecourt prices.

The units are available from small-scale processors able to produce 45,000 liters per year through to computer-controlled systems capable of delivering 5-15 million liters per year. “Diesel engines do not need any modification to use the fuel,” said Matthew Barnes, who heads MB Industrial. “In fact, they run better on it and produce less pollution.” While some fleet operators will want to use a 10 percent mixture of biodiesel and conventional mineral diesel, most diesel engines will happily run on 100 percent biodiesel. In fact, many drivers using fuel from biodiesel processors don’t set foot in a service station from one month to the next! National road haulage companies are currently evaluating the bioprocessor systems, as biodiesel helps to decrease maintenance costs and reduces engine wear due to its superior lubricating and cleaning properties. The MB Industrial processors were designed take advantage of fuel supplies from local resources, such as rapeseed crops. Using these decentralized systems reduces transport costs and helps the environment. Biodiesel is biodegradable, non-toxic, carbon neutral and essentially free of sulphur and aromatic hydrocarbons, making it environmentally friendly, unlike mineral diesel. MB Industrial provides all the equipment and supplies needed to make biodiesel. All that is needed to produce the fuel is vegetable oil, methanol, caustic soda, electricity and tap water. Even heavily used cooking oil (often available free from restaurants) can be used. The methanol is reused within the process.


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