UK Biomass Production Gets Government Task Force

[] A drive in United Kingdom to boost production of biomass will be led by Ben Gill, who is the former president of the National Farmers’ Union. The government appointed task force will look at ways to stimulate biomass supply and demand in a bid to help meet renewable energy targets and to boost farming, forestry and the rural economy. Food and Farming Minister Larry Whitty also announced a new £3.5 million (US $6.3 million) UK-wide Bio-Energy Infrastructure Scheme, which will fund grants to help harvest, store, process and supply biomass for energy production. All of the government’s efforts are to help the country achieve it Renewable Obligation of 15 percent of its electricity needs from renewable resources by 2015. Biomass crops in the UK include willow, miscanthus grass, and wood from forests. The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, which organized the task group, has paid farmers £1million since 2001 under the Energy Crops Scheme, which gives grants of up to £1,600 per hectare to support biomass crops production.
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