U.S. Microbics to Investigate Biodiesel and Ethanol Production

U.S. Microbics formed a new business unit to research and apply its proprietary microbial blends for use in the production processes of bio-diesel and ethanol from organic material sources such as corn and sugar cane for fuel applications.

“We have had many inquiries regarding the applicability of our proprietary products and processes for use in ethanol and biodiesel production,” said Robert Brehm, CEO of U.S. Microbics. “In addition, our agricultural growth enhancement products have shown up to 38% yield increase for sugar cane, a prime feedstock, along with corn, for ethanol production.” U.S. Microbics believes its microbial products could be suitable for optimizing the production of biodiesel and ethanol by contributing to the process of turning certain waste streams and/or organic materials into useable bio-energy derived fuel sources. “At this time, we are establishing a new business unit to investigate the market opportunities, applicability of our products and the economic metrics for production in Mexico, which has good political and economic support for creating additional jobs and has ample corn and sugar cane feed stocks for biofuels,” said Brehm.
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