U.S. Energy Needs Response from the Top

In a speech to the Deloitte Energy Conference in Washington, DC, last week, Senator Dick Lugar (R-IN) called for bold presidential action to enhance U.S. security, stimulate the economy and protect the environment through increased deployment of renewable energy.

Senator Lugar said it was imperative that President Bush and his successor take aggressive action to reduce oil imports and use more domestic energy supplies such as ethanol and biodiesel. “President Bush and whoever succeeds him as President must be willing to commit the prestige of their administrations to overcoming American energy deficiencies. They must be capable of absorbing political and technological setbacks along the way, without bending on the necessity of achieving the chosen goals,” said Lugar. Lugar said that while U.S. politicians are acting interested in renewable energy, many of them are not taking the necessary steps to support the various industries. As former chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, Lugar is a strong advocate for homegrown fuels such as corn-based ethanol.
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