U.S. Assistant Secretary of Energy Seeks Traditional Market Strategies for Renewables; Energy Ocean 2006 Focuses On Wave Energy

Wind, solar, biofuels and other renewable technologies can be said to constitute a new energy market, but that doesn’t mean that new ways of doing business are in order. In this week’s “Inside Renewable Energy,” U.S. Assistant Secretary of Energy Andy Karsner talks about the challenges of channeling the enormous flow of renewable energy capital toward the right projects.

Karsner, whose career started off in conventional energy, brings a well-seasoned market sensibility to the office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, which he runs. The market forces that govern oil, gas and coal are object lessons in how best to promote the growth of renewables, says Karsner. Energy Ocean 2006 is the third running of the event, and while ocean energy is as much in the background today as it was three years ago, progress in the U.S. is being made. In this week’s podcast, we’ll hear from Energy Ocean 2006 organizer Dan Weiss, who says we’ve got a lot to learn from the U.K. when it comes to generating power from the ocean. Distance between coastlines–and a corresponding lack of political motivation from state-centric senators and representatives–is a major impediment for ocean energy in the U.S., says Weiss. This week’s edition of “Inside Renewable Energy” offers the latest in renewable energy news.

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