Two New Reports Highlight Ethanol Industry

New reports from SRI Consulting and highlight advances in the production and refining of ethanol.

The SRI Consulting (SRIC) report, Chemicals from Ethanol, presents a technical and economic analysis of the production of chemicals from ethanol, with a special focus on ethylene, acetic acid and ethyl acetate. For ethylene and acetic acid, the report presents economic models examining the competitiveness of the ethanol-based process vis-à-vis the existing petrochemical routes. For ethyl acetate, the report compares the economics of the conventional process of esterification of acetic acid and ethanol with those of a recent dehydrogenation process.

“As one of the largest volume commodity chemicals used worldwide, ethylene is consumed as a raw material in the production of plastics, fibers and films that are ultimately consumed in the packaging, transportation, construction and consumer markets,” Gregory Bohlmann, Assistant Director at SRIC’s Process Economics Program said. “The exciting innovation of producing ethylene and other chemicals from ethanol is that the process is sustainable and renewable, but still performs at the same level as conventional ethylene from fossil feedstocks.”

The report, The Market for Cellulose Ethanol, provides an analysis of how cellulose ethanol is produced, how cost-effective it is, the growth drivers promoting the use of ethanol over other fuels and the barriers to market. The report also focuses on the steps the US government is taking to promote ethanol use, including tax incentives, funding for research and development and funding for technology.


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