Two Major Waste Heat Recovery Systems Completed in China

China Energy Recovery Inc. announced completion of construction of two major waste heat recovery systems in China. The company announced the signing of contracts for two additional systems to be built for clients outside of China.

The two just-completed systems in China, one of which has just started operation and the other which is expected to be commissioned and online around early August, are capable of generating approximately 14 MW of electricity and 26.8 MW of directly usable heat energy through the capture and harnessing of waste heat. The systems were installed at two different sulfuric acid facilities in Shandong and Sichuan provinces respectively.

“We continue to enjoy tremendous growth and expansion within our homeland market in China, where our reputation for service and superior technology has earned us great respect,” said CER’s CEO, Wu Qinghuan. “However, we are extremely proud that our reputation has reached outside of China and is growing in other parts of the world.”

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