Two Delaware Landfill Gas-to-Energy Plants Produce Methane

Two solid-waste landfills, owned and operated by the Delaware Solid Waste Authority (DSWA), will use the gas generated from decomposing organic waste to produce renewable energy. Constellation NewEnergy signed a 10-year agreement to purchase the power from the two plants.

“The landfill gas-to-energy projects successfully utilize a resource that would have otherwise been wasted, and in the process, produce benefits for the landfill, the environment, and the local community,” said N. C. Vasuki, DSWA’s CEO. Thousands of tons of naturally occurring methane, a potent greenhouse gas, will be captured and converted into “green” electricity. Until now, the methane gas was safely extracted at the landfill sites through wells and pipes buried in the landfills and combusted in a flare. The gas will now be diverted from the flare to the landfill gas plants equipped with specialized GE/Jenbacher engines designed to burn non-pipeline gases such as landfill gas. The seven engines are expected to produce a combined 7.4 megawatts (MW) of electricity. “Constellation NewEnergy is excited to partner with DSWA, Ameresco, and GE to bring these renewable energy sources online,” said Constellation NewEnergy’s Bruce McLeish, Vice President, Wholesale Origination. “The competitive power market in Delaware is expanding rapidly and competition is driving these innovations in renewable energy,” added McLeish. The State of Delaware has a renewable portfolio standard, which requires power providers to have 10 percent of their power come from renewable resources by 2019.
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