Two Australian States Jump Ahead On Windpower

Forty proposals have been submitted to the state government of South Australia to build windfarms.

MELBOURNE, Victoria (AU) 2002-01-30 [] Three windfarms have been approved in the state, with construction to start soon on facilities in Lake Bonney, Elliston and Cape Jervis. The A$200 million Sellicks Hill project would generate enough power to supply 25 percent of the demand in the state capital of Adelaide, and the strong interest is expected to prompt related developments such as turbine production. The average windfarm costs A$150 million. In the larger Australian state of Victoria, acting premier John Thwaites has forecast that wind turbines may generate 50 percent of residential power by 2012. The government has formulated statutory guidelines for the establishment of windfarms along the state’s coast. Wind farms would create jobs in embattled rural areas and result in Victoria becoming a leader in alternative energy forms use, he says. Pacific Hydro has one windfarm at Port Fairy and five new windfarms in the planning stage.
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