Turkey Hydropower Station Uses GE Equipment

GE Energy’s Norway division supplied a turbine-generator and additional equipment for the Birkapili Hydroelectric Power Station, which was commission in March 2004 and is located on the Dagpazari River in the Mut/Mersin area of southern Turkey. The new facility can produce up to 60 MW of power at a rated gross head of 1010 m.

Oslo, Norway – June 28, 2004 [SolarAccess.com] Turkey has large potential for hydropower and the Turkish government is actively encouraging the private sector to develop and construct hydropower plants throughout the country. Owner and operator of the Birkapili plant is ERE Hidroelektrik, a hydropower developer, of Ankara, Turkey. In addition to Birkapili, the company has developed and constructed the Sucati power plant and has a number of hydropower projects either at the final design stage or in the process of development. “ERE Hidroelektrik will continue to invest in the field of hydropower in Turkey, which has by far the biggest hydropower potential throughout continental Europe. ERE Hidroelektrik’s aim is to be the biggest green energy producer and exporter in Turkey,” said N. Nadi Bakir, chairman of ERE Hidroelektrik. GE Energy has a contract with ERE for US$7.7 million. The company was responsible for the design, manufacture, delivery, installation supervision, and commissioning of electrical mechanical equipment; including a single vertical Pelton hydro turbine, a vertical synchronous generator with a 67 MVA rating, the main inlet valve, a governing system, a cooling water and drainage system, and a 3.6 km Penstock. GE collaborated with ABB Norway for the supply of electrical balance-of-plant including switchyard, transformers, station controls and 25 kilometers of 154 kV overhead line. The Birkapili station is supplying power both to the national grid in Turkey, and to local private consumers. “GE Energy is proud to have worked on this important high-head hydro plant, bringing the plant on line in less than 20 months. We look forward to continuing our efforts to help in the expansion of the Turkish hydropower industry,” said Nigel Kemp, GE Energy account manager.
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