Trial Run for Testing Emissions-to-Biofuels Conversion

The first Advance Module has been delivered to a large electricity-generating customer by GreenFuel Technologies. The module, suitable for use as a renewable fuels source, is scaled to provide a practical demonstration of GreenFuel’s trademark emissions-to-biofuels system, which uses naturally occurring, nontoxic, photosynthetic algae to convert up to 86 percent NOx and 40 percent CO2 from smokestack gases into energy-rich biomass.

“I’m very proud of our technology,” said Dr. Isaac Berzin, GreenFuel founder and Chief Technology Officer. “But I am even more proud of the mutually beneficial business relationships we are building within the energy sector, starting with this first customer.” The field trial is scheduled to continue over a period of up to one year, in order to address seasonal variables such as climate and electricity demand. The trial will also provide plant-specific performance data for use in future expansions to a larger size pilot and eventually a full-scale installation. GreenFuel’s mission is to use its suite of proprietary advance biotechnologies to profitably transform exhaust gases from power plants and industrial sites into renewable biofuels worldwide.
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