Towns Make Green Power New Year’s Resolution

The towns of New Haven and the Westport, Connecticut, have inaugurated an unbreakable resolution – to “green” their energy consumption for New Year’s. By purchasing renewable energy certificates from New England Small Hydro facilities, New Haven and Westport will be supporting local businesses while offsetting their impact on the environment.

New Haven and Westport, Connecticut – December 30, 2003 [] A binding resolution enacted by the New Haven Board Of Aldermen in summer 2003 permanently commits New Haven to getting 20 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2010. The January 2004 commitment is the first step towards this goal. “It’s a wonderful start to the New Year for our city, our state, and our environment,” said New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr. “And not only is it the right thing to do for our community, but it is also easy and fast to implement.” The Town of Westport will also be “greening” 100 percent of its energy consumption at their Town Hall for the month of January. “We care about our community and the environment,” said Westport Selectwoman Diane Goss Farrell. “We are not required to buy green power, we are choosing to.” On New Year’s Day, New Haven and Westport will continue to buy electricity from their regular suppliers. EAD Environmental’s renewable energy certificates represent the proof that green power has been generated. “Through their support of renewable energy, New Haven and Westport are sending a simple message to their communities,” said Samantha Unger, EAD Environmental’s Vice President of Marketing. “We can create a healthier and safer environment.” The towns’ purchases subsidize the slightly higher cost of the production of energy from renewable sources. “Do the right thing,” said Unger. “Support renewable energy.”
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