Tilapia Fish Farm Doubles as Ethanol Plant

[RenewableEnergyAccess.com] It’s rare that plans call for an ethanol plant that incorporates biodiesel production with a substantial tilapia fish farm / processing facility. But with new investors in a large malting facility, residents in Wisconsin may get the best of both worlds. Following are excerpts from the release from the Watertown Daily Times: A total of 70 million bushels of corn and other grains are expected to be processed at the plant annually, with expectations of producing 140 million gallons per year. Byproducts of the process will include 325,000 tons per year of liquid carbon dioxide…. One new project at the plant will be the tilapia fish farm that will complement the ethanol production: more than 8 million pounds of tilapia per year will be processed into fillets at this site, and the byproducts will be turned over to the biodiesel fuel production operation. Other food waste such as fryer oil will turn into biodiesel fuel, with up to 20 million gallons of fuel per year expected and the byproduct turned into animal feed. For the full story, use the following link.


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