Tidal Energy Coming to Nova Scotia

In an effort to harness the huge tidal currents of Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy, British company Marine Current Turbines (MCT), the developer of SeaGen, has signed an agreement with Canada’s Maritime Tidal Energy Corporation (MTEC).

The companies plan to submit a joint proposal to the Nova Scotia Department of Energy to deploy MCT’s SeaGen technology in the Bay of Fundy, which has one of the greatest tidal resources in the world.

Martin Wright, Managing Director of MCT said, “Working with MTEC in Canada, we will be using our unrivalled knowledge and experience from our 1.2 MW SeaGen commercial tidal system as well as our previous work with our 300kW SeaFlow tidal project in the Bristol Channel, the world’s first offshore tidal stream device, to tap the massive potential that exists in the Bay of Fundy.” 

MTEC representative Ron Scott added, “MTEC can become a frontrunner in terms of in-stream tidal power development for the Bay of Fundy, and eventually elsewhere in the Atlantic Provinces and North America. This is a golden opportunity for Nova Scotia, which the Nova Scotia Government fully recognizes, to provide the lead in marine energy generation in North America, moving away from carbon based fuel systems.” 

The Nova Scotia Department of Energy plans to have tidal turbines operating in the Bay of Fundy during 2009.  The Bay of Fundy is located on Canada’s eastern seaboard.

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