The U.S. Wood Pellet Market; Green Energy in Deregulated Markets; DOE Solar Decathlon

The European and U.S. wood pellet industries have grown in opposite directions over the years. While the Europen industry is based mostly on larger centralized wood pellet boilers, the U.S. market is based primarily on smaller residential wood pellet stoves.

Steve Walker, President of New England Wood Pellet, tells us about how the U.S. and European markets are changing and what that means for his business.

Also in the podcast: Our contributor Denis Du Bois has an interview on how deregulated and regulated electricity markets impact the price of green power.

And, we’ll speak with Kurt Keville, Faculty Advisor to the MIT Solar Decathlon team. He’ll tell us about the team’s green building techniques, the cost of the project and MIT’s strengths going into the October competition.

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