The Potential for Landfill Gas to Energy

As the largest operator of landfills in the U.S., Waste Management (WM) sees a lot of potential to generate renewable electricity. When waste material in landfills decomposes, methane and carbon dioxide are released. While most landfills burn that gas off, WM uses it to run turbines and create electricity at 103 of its 281 facilities. The company announced on Wednesday that it will create 60 more landfill gas to energy facilities over the next five years, bringing the company’s total electrical generation capacity to 700 MW. We’ll talk with Paul Pabor, Vice President of Renewable Energy at WM about how demand for clean energy is driving the company’s decision to expand its renewable energy generation.

Also in the podcast: Denis Du Bois, Editor of, has another Energy Minute on the success of renewables in the Navarre region of Spain.

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