The Next Great Global Industry

Developing renewables is no longer just a feel-good exercise – it’s about becoming a global leader in the race to realize the Next Great Global Industry. If countries and companies fail to take advantage of the market potential for renewables, they’ll risk becoming obsolete as the clean energy economy takes shape.

In this podcast, we’ll have a roundtable discussion on the race to build new manufacturing sectors, create cutting-edge jobs and inspire citizens to make an all-hands-on-deck effort to transition to a new energy future.

Lisa Frantzis, managing director for renewable and distributed energy at Navigant Consulting, explains the difference between the first sprint in the 70’s to develop renewables and the long-distance race underway today.

Michael Northrop, managing director of sustainable development at the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, describes the reasons that the U.S. is falling behind other countries in Europe and Asia.

Rian Van Staden, principal of Intelligent RE Consulting, talks about the changes taking place in Europe, which are forcing companies to stay nimble.

And Christophe Inglin, managing director of Phoenix Solar, discusses the changes he’s witnessed in Asia during his 15 years installing solar in the region.

Inside Renewable Energy is a weekly audio news program featuring stories and interviews on all the latest developments in the renewable energy industries.

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